Meet Anjana                                                                                                Certified Life Coach and Meditation Teacher

Anju1 Hello beautiful! I’m Anjana. 

I'm a Certified Life coach from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, AZ and a Certified Life Coach and Meditation Trainer from Mindvalley.

Our life reflects the stories we tell ourselves. When we become aware of that, we have the choice to change the story!

I’m a wife and mom of 2 beautiful girls. While living the ideal life in other people's eyes, I was struggling inside. I was extremely self-critical and a people pleaser. My entire life was designed by my parents or others in my life. I was a software engineer by profession, making good money. But the emptiness inside was killing me slowly. I went through an amazing life transformation with the help of my life coach! My diseases slowly disappeared and my body regained its strength and vitality. 

Now I am passionate about helping you see your real power and redesign your life!! 

"We are what we think"!


"Anjana is amazing! I felt so comfortable with her the instant we started our session-she exudes so much kindness! I found myself sharing things about my life that I don’t tell anyone else, she listened without judgement and helped me work through a lot of my struggles. I cannot recommend her enough!!!"                                                                                                                                                    Jenn    May 05, 2020

"Anjana has the ability to quickly connect and help you feel at ease. She makes it comfortable for you to express your challenges and guides you through the right level of sharing to help you get ideas to move forward. Typically in a coaching conversation the follow up goes to the wayside, but with Anjana's approach, she helps you stay on track with the goals you have established for yourself. I would highly recommend her."
SJ   May 15, 2020